Dog breed to Own Based on Your Personality


Caring for a dog is hard work. You have to feed him, clean him, and make sure that he has all the exercise that he needs every single day. And this is not taking into consideration the kind of behavior that at a dog has.

Dog owners also have their own set of behaviors and personalities. Some are outgoing while others are reserved. Others can run all they long while others get easily tired after a short walk. Some love dogs that jump all over them while others want a dog that can guard their family. Some people shopping online for dogs, not knowing that the dog may not be suitable for their own personality.

Take a look at our tips on what dog to own based on your personality.

German shepherd

A German shepherd is one of the most loyal breeds that you can ever find. Its brown and black colored shiny hair is enough to entice people to get one for the home. And who can blame them? German shepherds are agile. You can play catch with this breed. It is also very intelligent. It will not take a while before he understands your commands. German shepherds are also very hardworking. This breed is used to helping their man friends in laboring a day’s work and even on dating international.

Jack Russell Terrierterrier

A Jack Russell terrier is like a bowl of energy. It can run day in and day out. It is cute and cuddly since its size is as small as 15 inches. This dog breed is great for our website visitors who want a dog that is very playful both inside and outside the house. But don’t worry. It still keeps a portion of its day alone so you can rest during these moments.

Tibetan terrier

You will definitely love its luscious hair. When you bring home a Tibetan Terrier, do not be alarmed if it is aloof or sometimes reserved. He just does not know you that much yet. As he becomes more trusting to you, he will be more affectionate. If you love a dog that follows you around, you will enjoy being with a Tibetan terrier.